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Supply Chain Partners

Supply Chain Partners is an award-winning global B2B marketplace and a business and supply chain professional community. We help organisations and industry professionals to discover innovative solutions and connect with experts to achieve their business, supply chain and professional goals. Through our educational approach, we help our members and businesses across the globe to navigate this complex world of business and supply chain by providing access to experts, resources, podcasts, and online educational and networking events. Our members showcase, explore and learn about business and supply chain solutions, advance and share their expertise, network with members, and build lasting relationships.


Our core ethos at Supply Chain Partners is our educational approach. Supply Chain Partners membership helps business executives and supply chain professionals to discover better ways to improve business and supply chain performance by connecting them with industry experts with innovative solutions and professional development opportunities to accelerate achieving their business, supply chain and professional goals. And we help industry experts with innovative business and supply chain solutions to showcase, educate, inform and connect with their target audience through business promotions and professional events to create lasting relationships and grow their business.


Supply Chain Partners offer membership options for every stage of growth for Individual, Corporate, Expert and Business Support Members to expand your global network, explore or showcase solutions and stay up to date. Meet experts and learn about innovative business and supply chain solutions transforming the industry. Accelerate your goals through educational events and networking to learn about better ways to operate, improve and grow your business.


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