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SmartMoneyMatch connects the global investment community


It is free to use and offers the following opportunities. Go to:

• SmartMoneyMatch.com/investments to browse and to list investment products.

• SmartMoneyMatch.com/investors to find investors, create a Request for Proposals (RFPs), or reply to one.

• SmartMoneyMatch.com/service-providers to find investment service providers with the required expertise or to list your offerings.

• SmartMoneyMatch.com/business-directory to browse organizations and present yours.

• SmartMoneyMatch.com/events to search for and to announce events.

• SmartMoneyMatch.com/help/event-platform for hosting events.

• SmartMoneyMatch.com/jobs to browse for jobs or to list your vacancies.

• SmartMoneyMatch.com/people to find and connect with other professionals.


Additionally, all users have a company and a personal profile page where their activities or offerings—as an asset manager, investor, or service provider—are displayed.


Register now free on https://www.SmartMoneyMatch.com

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