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Rubbish Ideas

Rubbish Ideas is a leading circular economy design consultancy based in the United Kingdom, dedicated to realizing a waste-free future. With a firm commitment to sustainability, they excel in revolutionizing linear business models and empowering organizations to embrace circular practices across their operations. Their expertise spans various industries, and their impact has been particularly remarkable in the events sector.

One of their key achievements and offerings is the development of The Rubbish Portal, a groundbreaking waste tracking software. This innovative SaaS platform addresses the emerging problem of effectively managing waste and recycling at events. The Rubbish Portal serves as an online tracker, collecting and reporting recycling data for events and their stakeholders. By harnessing the power of data and analytics, it generates specific and tailored performance metrics, empowering event organizers to make informed decisions and drive continuous improvement.

With a strong focus on sustainability outcomes, The Rubbish Portal aims to reduce carbon emissions and minimize waste volume, while targeting a minimum recycling rate of 75%. Through its sophisticated functionality, the platform not only tracks and measures recycling performance but also compares and ranks events based on their results. This provides valuable insights into how well each event is performing and enables benchmarking against industry standards.

Moreover, The Rubbish Portal goes beyond performance measurement by offering actionable recommendations to enhance operational decisions and system design choices. By leveraging the platform's insights and guidance, event organizers can implement targeted strategies that optimize waste management, increase recycling rates, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Rubbish Ideas' commitment to driving circularity extends beyond technology development. Over the years, they have established themselves as trusted partners in the events industry, working alongside major international breweries like ABInBev and Heineken, as well as event companies, to set up closed-loop recycling systems for rPET cups. These initiatives have not only diverted significant amounts of waste from landfill but have also fostered a culture of sustainability within the events community.

Join Rubbish Ideas as they continue to lead the charge towards a waste-free world, delivering cutting-edge solutions such as The Rubbish Portal and collaborating with organizations across industries to create a more sustainable and circular future.



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