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The London Entrepreneurial Meetup Group

The London entrepreneurial group is a community of professionals interested in life-long learning, growing businesses, and advancing careers, in doing well by doing good.

Established in January 2016, the group has grown organically to over 3500 members, based in London and across the world.

We keep up with the most current ideas in business by critically (and affectionately) engaging with articles from Harvard Business Review and other specialist publications, as they are published.

We examine, confront, adopt, or discard ideas, evidence, advice, tools, and tips.

Because succeeding at being an entrepreneur or building a career is intensely demanding. Uncertainty, rapid change, and constrained resources are constant features of our professional lives and designing effective solutions requires dedication and creativity in equal measure.

And yet, there is lightness along the way, humour, tolerance, and fun. We know that failure is inevitable and cultivating the courage to pick ourselves up and continue is just as important as hitting the bull’s eyes when it matters.

Over time, we have built some resources together as you may find by exploring our website. We have meetings available to all who are interested, a weekly newsletter, social media channels, and participate in events in the wider business community.

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Join now for a brilliant reboot of your self-development, career ambitions and opportunities!


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