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Tessa Hebditch

Tessa Hebditch

CEO, Chickp.

Tessa Hebditch is the visionary founder of Chickp, launched in 2019 (originally Balanced Finance), dedicated to creating inclusive workplaces where people can thrive. With a stellar track record in delivering ERP implementations and global transformation projects, Tessa has travelled the world, ensuring success and improving the lives of teams.

As a Chartered Accountant and MENSA member, Tessa combines intellectual rigor with practical insights. A mother of one, she understands the balance between professional ambition and personal fulfilment. Tessa believes that it’s impossible to have it all, but wise choices and leveraging the expertise of others can maximise our potential.

Her commitment to ethical leadership and sustainable growth has made her a respected voice in the business community. Join Tessa at the seminar to gain invaluable insights from her journey and learn how to achieve remarkable success while staying true to your values.