Shweta Jhajharia


Shweta Jhajharia is the Principal Coach and leader of the largest ActionCOACH firm and a serial entrepreneur. She is a multi- award-winning business coach, recognised both by external bodies and industry awards panels as the top coach in the UK, including ranking #16 in the World Coaching Professionals of 2019.

She was Global Marketing Manager with Unilever for 9 years gaining an exceptionally strong knowledge base before founding her ActionCOACH firm in 2008. She has been awarded numerous awards including “Coach of the Year” every year since 2009, Global Best Client Results, two prestigious International Stevie Awards and the Multi-Millionaire Coach Award.

Shweta draws upon this expertise for her clients to not only lead them to better profitability, but also enhance the long-term asset value of their business.

Shweta has been featured in over 50 leading media outlets and her book, Sparks: Ideas to Ignite Business Growth, is an Amazon bestseller.

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