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Lisa Thorne

Lisa Thorne

CEO & Founder, Together Global

Lisa founded Together Global in 2016, a B2B performance improvement company for global teams that developed the market-first CAT (Cultural Alignment Transformation) programme.

Lisa started her career as a political journalist, founding Asian Affairs, a magazine on Indo-Pakistani current affairs from scratch. This ignited her interest in this region. Working at Barclays later as a D&I (Diversity & Inclusion) Consultant, Lisa discovered her passion and talent for applying an entrepreneurial approach in a global corporate setting. D&I programmes she designed and delivered took Barclays from 22nd to 3 d position in the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index and were industry-recognised for excellence through award nominations and wins at the European Diversity Awards, National Outsourcing Association and others.

Lisa now focuses on delivering the CAT programme, linking culture to performance improvement, to help clients including Tier 1 global banks boost their performance and employee satisfaction levels by getting culturally aligned.