Irina Voronkina

GloBAS Group

Irina Voronkina (Dipl.Eng., MBA) - international business development expert with over 15 years’ experience in global sales and marketing.

Mrs. Voronkina used to work in number of medium sized and large enterprises as a C-level manager, responsible for global expansion. She is highly experienced in b2b international sales, establishing and managing sales channels, strategy of going global. As CEO and founder of international business development agency, GloBAS Group, operating today in 10 countries, Ms. Voronkina has successfully completed over 150 projects of regional expansion.

Unique and exclusive seminars from Mrs. Voronkina about channels sales and international marketing strategy are highly appreciated by students of MBA courses, as well as local experts in marketing and sales.

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5 steps to build profitable sales channels worldwide

During our seminar we will consider the most typical questions of every business development manager when starting or expanding sales abroad.