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Connor Bryant

Connor Bryant

Co-Founder & CEO, Rubbish Ideas

Connor Bryant is a co-founder and CEO of Rubbish Ideas, a prominent circular economy design consultancy dedicated to creating a waste-free world. With a background in circular economy product design, he possesses a deep understanding of sustainable design principles and their application in business models.

As the co-founder and CEO, Connor plays a pivotal role in guiding Rubbish Ideas and its team. His visionary leadership has been instrumental in shaping the company's strategic direction, driving growth, and establishing it as a pioneer in the field of circular economy design. Under his guidance, Rubbish Ideas has transformed
numerous linear business models into circular operations, promoting resource efficiency and sustainability across various industries.

In addition to his role within Rubbish Ideas, Connor is a highly regarded public speaker. He shares his expertise and passion for the circular economy and sustainability through captivating talks and engaging workshops. His ability to simplify complex concepts and inspire audiences has made him a sought-after speaker at events,
corporates, charities, and schools.

As a passionate advocate for the circular economy, Connor Bryant continues to drive positive change and contribute to the broader sustainability landscape. His role as co-founder and CEO of Rubbish Ideas allows him to combine his expertise in designing for the circular economy with his leadership skills, making a lasting impact
on the journey towards a more sustainable and waste-free future.