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Brenda Dempsey

Brenda Dempsey

CEO and Founder, Book Brilliance Publishing

Award winning Brenda Dempsey is a Woman of Action, Visionary Leader and a Change Maker.
After 25 years she left her beloved teaching to take up the challenge of changing lives through writing, speaking
and business.
She is the creator of the #1 best-selling books Voices of Hope and Resilient Voices where she brought together 80
amazing men & women in business from five continents daring to share their stories of triumph and success.
In the midst of a pandemic in June 2020 Book Brilliance Publishing was born. In two short years, she has
published 16 books (8 more this year) worldwide, has authors in 7 countries and has recently launched a
magazine BRILLIANCE. She is a board member of the global platforms 28COE, International Institute of
Influencers, Advisory Board Member of African and Asian Chamber of Commerce, Board Member of UNAAccc
and TV presenter for Top 100 Influencers on Global Express TV