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Ahmed Elnazir

Ahmed Elnazir

Global Translations UK

Ahmed Elnazir is a young entrepreneur who can speak 3 languages and has lived in several countries. His business
start-up story is exciting and inspirational. He started the company in his final year of university with less than
£500 from his student maintenance loan while studying International Business Management. Today he owns a
successful global company with offices in both Manchester and London, serving clients in Europe, USA and Africa.
Ahmed’s global network of translators and partners have helped him create a strong business model.

His award-winning translation agency specialises in a variety of sectors, offering professional translation services
in 120 languages and over 900 language combinations. His client portfolio consists of multinational companies
and small to medium-sized businesses. He has helped companies successfully expand into new markets through
localised translations. Ahmed credits his success to innovative workflows and good business ethics.