Wendy Power Stoten

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Wendy Power Stoten has lived and worked in various countries on different continents throughout the world. She holds an academic degree and has extensive work experience in the field of cultural awareness. This, combined with her passion for travelling and people, means she is ideally placed to help you to succeed in the global business world.
Wendy has delivered Culture Awareness and Competence seminars for over twenty years to many key companies including The London Stock Exchange, Rolls-Royce, Honda and CIT-Alcatel, and is regularly invited to speak at conferences on overseas trade expansion.
By designing and delivering bespoke training to precise needs, whether supporting general cross-cultural awareness, or tailoring specifically to target countries, she has enabled companies to turn cultural difference into competitive advantage as they deliver business beyond our borders.

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Cross-Border Cultural Awareness – a vital make or break factor.

Cross-border deals often look great on paper, but many end up failing due to cultural differences and misunderstandings. In preparation for doing business across borders, cultural considerations are often overlooked, and yet are of paramount importance to its success. Being culturally aware prevents problems and breakdowns in communication, gives confidence in business dealings, as well as a competitive edge over those who are less aware. In her presentation at “Going Global”, Wendy will clarify what ‘culture’ means, exploring our own cultural values and beliefs and how they affect the way we do business. Based on academically researched models, we can compare how this differs from other nations’ approaches, and consider practical ways of avoiding ‘cultural’ pitfalls and gaffes in both work and social settings. Finally, crucial issues surrounding English as the global language for business will be addressed. Wendy will equip you with top tips on how to communicate effectively with non-native speakers of English.

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