Panos Koutrakos

Monckton Chambers, London - City Law School - City University London

Panos Koutrakos is a Barrister at Monckton Chambers (London), and Professor of EU Law and Jean Monnet Professor of EU Law at City, University of London. He is a leading authority on EU law, in particular on matters where EU and international law meet, as well as trade, external relations, and the internal market. He has published, amongst others, EU International Relations Law 2nd edition (2015). He has given evidence to the European Parliament and the House of Commons and speaks regularly at international conferences on EU and international law. He has held visiting posts at the Universities of Melbourne, Sydney, New South Wales, Iowa, Antwerp, and Michigan. He is the joint editor of European Law Review, a pre-eminent EU law journal.

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The UK and the rest of the world: the future of trade relationships after Brexit

This presentation will provide an overview of the legal and policy issues that the UK will face in its efforts to shape its trade relationships with the rest of the world. How easy would it be to negotiate trade agreements with third countries? What will happen with the existing trade agreements that apply to the UK due to its EU membership? And what will be the impact of the Article 50 Agreement, including the provision for a transitional period?’

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