Kirsty Wilkinson

Asia Market Makers

Kirsty set up Asia Market Makers after being approached be a former colleague who had a friend interested in exporting wine to Japan. She presented them at a trade show in Tokyo, organising information about their winery and tasting notes to be translated into Japanese. Kirsty realised at the trade show that there was a great need for someone with her experience and knowledge. Kirsty decided to set up Asia Market Makers to help businesses wanting to export to Japan, teach Japanese language and culture and empower translators and interpreters with the right skill set for their businesses to flourish. Following graduation, Kirsty worked for a number of global companies in Melbourne and London, UK in supply chain, marketing, sales and project management across numerous industries. Kirsty’s real passion is helping businesses in the wine industry after working for a global wine company in London.

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Debunking the myths of trading with Japan

Many businesses are intrigued about the Japanese market, but scared of exploring this lucrative market. Lots of businesses are told that it’s TOO hard and difficult to succeed. Myth 1 – wrong! It’s about understanding the market and knowing how to approach it. That’s exactly where Asia Market Makers can help you. I will discuss why your business should consider Japan, negotiating with the Japanese and doing business in Japan.

Kirsty Wilkinson will be speaking in the following theatres: