Dennis Vermeulen

INCO Business Group

Dennis Vermeulen, 34, is the founder and chairman of the INCO Business Group, with the operating company INCO Business Netherlands BV. Since the completion of his study in 2006, Dennis has been working in the corporate service industry. He worked and lived in Cyprus, Luxembourg and Belgium, for example, for two years to travel to offshore financial centers such as Hong Kong, Dubai and Curacao. Dennis Vermeulen considered himself to be a "digital nomad" during a period, when this was still called a ''perpetual traveler''.
During this period, Dennis Vermeulen established ''INCO Group'' (from his current country of residence Cyprus), which escorted European (many of them Dutch) entrepreneurs to corporate service providers in countries like Cyprus, Hong Kong and Dubai.
Nowadays INCO Business Group has changed its focus to creating a soft landing in the Netherlands for foreign entrepreneurs, which aims to stimulate the European and Dutch economy.

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