Chris Carman

Global Mobility Hub

Chris Carman is a Global Strategist with the Global Mobility Hub and has been the CEO of leading Australian Immigration Law Advisory Carman & Associates for the past decade. Chris has been the lead strategist and special counsel to some of the fastest growing organisations in the world assisting to provide workforce expansion solutions to the APAC region. Join Chris to hear his insights into the challenges and solutions to global mobility, salary benchmarking and organisational expansion.

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Global Expansion and Global Mobility Solutions

Making the decision to expand your operations into a new country can be complicated, costly and time-consuming with many factors to consider which create headaches and barriers. Operational expansion into new jurisdictions and global mobility of workforce cross borders comes with many challenges. Join Chris Carman to understand how to meet the challenges of global mobility and using technology to break through the barriers of global expansion.

Chris Carman will be speaking in the following theatres: