Chika Adams


Chika Adams is the Managing Partner of Bennisa, a Business Representation firm helping companies expand to the Nigeria market. Bennisa’s clients include multi-national companies already comfortable with doing business in multiple markets and companies moving into a new market for the first time. Before Bennisa, Chika had served in roles in International Trade Finance and Corporate Legal Services. A trained lawyer, Chika’s interests are wide and varied with deep passion for business structuring and expansion, digitization of businesses and helping businesses navigate difficult conditions in new markets.

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Expanding Your Business to Nigeria: Myths Vs Reality

Nigeria is a crucial and systemically important market in Africa. It offers immense opportunities for businesses looking to expand and deepen their markets. This seminar will provide detailed insights into the necessary levers and actions required to successfully expand into this unique country; the largest economy in Africa.

Chika Adams will be speaking in the following theatres: