Brian Dakers

i2i Infinity

Brian Dakers joined i2i Infinity in October of 2017, having worked for 17+ years in the UK Chamber of commerce network, advising businesses on operational areas of trading goods over borders. Brian spent nearly ten of these years as an inspector of origin standards, tasked by UK Government with the development of standards relating to origin paperwork delivered by the Chamber of Commerce network.
With i2i, Brian works with importing and exporting businesses, helping them utilise technology to streamline their operations, reducing the administrative burden of international movements.

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Brexit: Scenario Planning, Mitigation and more

A key supplier of software to international businesses, i2i have worked with clients and stakeholders in the UK business support network to develop a range of solutions designed to allow users to better understand the potential outcomes of Brexit. This in turn allows businesses to understand the measures available to mitigate risks involved, increasing resilience in the changing times we’re in. A must see for UK companies moving goods over borders looking to understand the potential impacts of Brexit.

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