The Institute of Translation and Interpreting

The Institute of Translation and Interpreting is the only UK-based independent professional membership association for practising translators, interpreters and language services businesses.

Translation is the process of converting written text or words from one language to another, whereas interpreting is the process of orally converting spoken words from one language to another. Most of our individual members work as freelancers, either as translators (working with the written word) or interpreters (working with the spoken word), but some work in both fields.

Our corporate members include Language Services Businesses (LSBs) who provide a range of services across a variety of languages.

When expanding overseas it is vital that communications are accurate and resonate in the local market. Attention needs to be paid not just to language but also to cultural references. Using a professional translator or interpreter ensures that your message is remembered for all the right reasons. 01908 325250

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Stand Number: 1860