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The Market People Magazine is the official publication of LMForums, the central insurance market thought leadership and networking hub, bringing together thousands of professionals over 50 events throughout the year.

The magazine has a reach of in excess of 20,000 professionals from Executive Board members all the way through to apprentices, in both luxury printed format and through our online digital platform. It is a unique publication centred on the Lloyd’s & London Insurance Market, comprising articles relating to the business world as well as lifestyle. It is the only publication of its type in the insurance sector and continues to grow in popularity.

For any firm looking to expand their profile or identity, the magazine offers an amazing channel to Market as it reaches not only key business decision makers but also one of the highest concentrations of ABC1 readers anywhere in the UK.

So if you’re a technology or law firm looking to build your brand or you’re in the world of health and fitness, motor vehicles, watches or travel, then this is the right publication for you.

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