Unmissable workshops and masterclasses at Going Global 2018

We are continually developing the show, to give visitors the resources they need to start trading in international makets.

Expect to see workshops and masterclasses covering:

International Tax Planning 

Death & taxes etc. As soon as your company starts selling into new markets or trading in different countries, the taxman becomes taxmen. Register for this workshop to learn where tax may be due, how to pay it, and how to make sure you are not paying too much. This workshop is a must, even if you are at the business planning stages of your new venture, and equally essential if you are currently trading overseas.

International Marketing Strategy.

Attend this workshop to clarify your international marketing strategy. This practical workshop will force you to think deeply about your brand, your offer and your pricing as you start selling internationally. It will teach you about the latest marketing techniques successfully used by others in your position. 


This workshop offers practical help to develop your international e-commerce strategy and cuts through the jargon to deliver a sound solution – including marketing, platform, security, payment, customer service and logistics.

Export Finance

Investigate the various forms of financial support available to UK exporters. This workshop will cover everything from bank lending to alternative sources of finance such as trade finance and crowd funding.

Distribution Channels and Logistics

How is your product or service going to get to the customer? What system will be used for processing orders, shipping, and billing? This workshop will help you develop a safe, legal, cost effective strategy. 

International Market Research

Job number one. Will your product or service sell overseas? What is the competition? Is there a demand? What should you charge? This workshop will force you to ask some difficult questions, and teach you how to find the answers. This workshop will save your company time effort and energy and should be a date in your diary. 

Paying and Getting Paid

The sale is not a sale until the money is in your account. This workshop starts by asking some difficult questions. After the elation of securing the order, how do you make sure the client can and will pay (in a timely manner)? Is it worth credit checking clients before approaching them? How do you make sure your profit margins aren’t affected by currency fluctuations?

Market Entry and Strategy

While some companies prefer to develop by their own market entry plans, other outsource to specialised companies. The knowledge of the local or target market by those specialized companies can mitigate trade risk.

Other market entry strategies covered:

- Production at home

- Indirect exporting (export merchant)

- Direct exporting (foreign customer, agent, distributor, representative office, foreign branch, foreign subsidiary)

- Exporting for Manufacturers 

- Exporting for Retailers

- Exporting services

Brexit workshop 

This workshop will look at the impact of the "Brexit" on your existing exports and imports immediately and longer term. It will help you manage existing relationships with exising clients, get you thinking about markets outside of the EU, and explain Trading Blocs, Free Trade Agreements, Customs Unions etc.