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PTL Group provides management and operational support for international companies throughout their market entry and growth stages in China. For two decades, PTL Group has served over 300 clients as their local management and executional arm in China, supporting them in a wide range of disciplines and industries, helping to stabilize business infrastructures, reduce expenditures, tighten risk control and shorten time-to-market.


Meet GeoEdge. GeoEdge is a startup operating in the adtech industry. 2017 saw a rapid growth in the digital advertising sector, enticing many technology startups to look into previously untapped markets. And for GeoEdge that meant coming to China! Fast forward, one year of operations in China and their Chinese market value has tripled. 

So how can a privately-owned startup make it big in China? How could they handle their China-out operation independently, without risky partnerships with local investors or Joint Ventures? Continue reading GeoEdge’s success story.

No entity in China? No problem. PTL Group helps international businesses enter the Chinese market by establishing and managing their on-the-ground operations before formal subsidiaries are registered. This allows a critical period of market learning with full operational flexibility before committing to a specific structure, location, business model and partnerships. Get in touch to learn more.