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Relocate Global’s International Education Guide is packed with advice for relocating parents, their employers and relocation professionals supporting them.


Education is one of the biggest concerns for relocating parents, with the quality of the school, cost and location being key factors for potential international assignees. Relocate Global understands that moving with children – whether for an international assignment or a domestic relocation – can be daunting and difficult, and that a happy, settled family is often crucial to the success of an assignment.


Therefore, it is vital for businesses expanding internationally or setting up overseas operations to provide up-to-date information and advice for relocating employees with children to help them make informed education choices. 


A helping hand


The 2019/20 edition of Relocate Global’s Guide to International Education & Schools provides the ideal resource to help employers, HR teams and relocation professionals deal confidently with relocating parents who need school places in their new location and who require support to enable them to take up a relocation assignment. 


The 210-page guide contains expert advice from schools, education consultants and relocation professionals, and covers the many education and school options around the world, providing information on choosing new schools, managing applications and understanding curricula – such as the International Baccalaureate and the British system, including GCSE, iGCSE and A Levels.


Fiona Murchie, managing editor, says, “Leading international surveys tell us that parents are increasingly concerned about moving with a family in changing times. They also pick up on the importance of the employee experience in a new location and the value of peer-to-peer support. Employers, relocation professionals and, most important of all, relocating parents are realising that finding the right school for your child is the most important element of settling the whole family. The schools around the world featured in the guide know how to support international families.”


Keeping pace with international education


Reflecting changes within the fast-paced international schools sector, the guide covers some of the most important trends in education around the world – from ‘Preparing pupils for the changing global workforce’ and ‘How schools support third culture kids’ to ‘Inspiring global citizens’.


It also examines some of the key trends in education and looks at how relocating families can best support their children with articles such as ‘Putting creativity at the centre of learning’, ‘Full STEAM ahead: international schools foster critical thinking and creativity’ and ‘Mental health in children’


With five key sections that focus on education by region and country – including Asia Pacific, Europe, United Kingdom, Middle East, Africa, and North America – the guide provides useful information on the education systems and schools in each area. So whether you are expanding into Germany, Asia or Canada, the guide provides an invaluable resource. 


The fourth edition of Relocate’s Guide to International Education & Schools is available now in both print and digital format, with an E-Book edition available at the end of November. 


Relocate also produces education guides for the UK and Asia Pacific, with more countries and regions in 2020.


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