Business Awards: An Enterprising Idea When Used Correctly

Words Provided by Acquisition International

When faced with a business award from an organisation or publishing house, many leaders might be sceptical about the merit of accepting the award. Acquisition International Magazine explores the benefits of using business awards to market your company and what to look out for.

It’s always great to hear that your hard work has been recognised, but it can also be daunting when presented with an award. Depending on the type of awards programme, there are many ways in which a nominee may be notified, and numerous forms of exposure that nominees can choose to partake in.

For example, you may be invited to an awards ceremony, or you may be awarded by an organisation of which you are a member. Many organisations, including Acquisition International, believe that the process and award itself should be completely free, but also offer winners the chance to purchase marketing materials to promote their success.

So, are such awards worth accepting? Well, if you choose to take the complimentary package, then you are not investing any money, and very little time, in the process, and as such they are entirely worth replying to the initial emails. In the time it takes to type that you are happy to accept your award, you can receive only recognition and the change to showcase your success online to your industry peers and customers.

Should you choose to purchase marketing materials, the choice is much more complicated. After all, you need to be assured that you will definitely receive the items you pay for. The best way to check that the company offers good service and delivers its branding materials promptly is to check out past awards programmes, if there are any. If there are none, then that should send alarm bells ringing.

However, for any publications or organisations with past awards programmes, look out for winners who have clearly purchased marketing materials. For example, on Acquisition International’s website you will see many winners posing with their trophies, or using their personalised logos to promote their success. As such, it is clear that the publication delivers the marketing materials it sells, and you will be able to gauge the quality and design style from these previous examples.

Another key point to look out for is whether or not the company provides a supportive customer service programme from the moment they start working with you. Make sure you look out for companies that want to collaborate with you and offer you options from the start.

So next time you or your organisation is awarded, keep in mind the benefits that this could offer and, if you’re happy with the award and the organisation offering it, then promote it to the best of your ability and use it to raise your profile. After all, your hard work achieved this recognition, and you should use it to give potential and existing customers the chance to see the benefits of working with your organisation.

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