How CEOs Can Show Their Expertise To A Wider Audience

Words Provided by CEO Monthly

Hannah Stevenson, Staff Writer at CEO Monthly, explores how business leaders can share their insight to people outside their own business.

Heading a company can be a challenge, but true leaders are prepared for everything and always on-hand to offer the benefit of their wisdom and knowledge to their staff. But what about interested parties outside of their business?

After all, every business, leader and researcher in your industry is constantly looking to enhance their knowledge and find out the latest market developments. Whilst I’m not suggesting you give away all of your secrets, it’s always beneficial to share and share alike, offering these corporate collaborators the chance to find out more about what you have to offer in the process.

Think of the countless seminars by large businesses posted online, as well as the constant stream of articles given over to offering expertise and basic insight into the way businesses and sectors operate. It could be said that even this blog itself is a resource, offering experts from throughout the events, publishing and hospitality spaces the chance to showcase their knowledge.

So, how can you do this, as a time-strapped CEO? Hosting your own blog could be a great place to start. You could give your marketing team the basic information and let them take the strain of actually writing, posting and monitoring your posts.

A personal newsletter is another great way to get your message out there, as it allows you to reach out to your own customers as well as interested parties throughout your industry. You can allow visitors to your website to subscribe, then have your marketing professionals send it to everyone who is interested and showcase your expertise.

For those with more time, a podcast or video talk could be a great way to engage your audience. Through this you can show your approachable side and put across your thoughts and opinions on the latest news, updates and developments in your market.

Another great way to get your opinion out there is to work with a third party, such as a magazine specifically designed to showcase the opinions of leaders, revolutionaries and pioneers in your market. Such publications will have expert teams of writers at their disposal who can turn your rough notes into a perfectly prepared article, and by publishing under their brand you can add reach a wider audience. 

Whatever avenue you choose to take, make sure your ideas are fresh, exciting and will benefit your audience. Through the provision of unique content, you’ll be able to really make your mark and show people outside your organisation your knowledge and market experience.

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