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FAQ on ATA Carnets – How to avoid mistakes

FAQ on ATA Carnets – How to avoid mistakes

Q: What are the costs and lead times from application to obtaining the physical ATA Carnet?

There are 2 costs to consider when applying for an ATA Carnet

ATA Carnet Issuing Fee

For a member, the cost for the ATA Carnet is £195+VAT for Standard Processing time of 24 to 48hrs. For a Priority Service of 6 to 12 hrs, the cost is £295+VAT. For non-members, the cost is £250+VAT for Standard Processing and £350+VAT for a Priority Service.

Security Fee

The Carnet provides a guarantee to the foreign Customs that all duties, taxes etc will be paid to them if the conditions under which they allow these into the country are breached. The security is in place to protect the Chamber against foreign Customs claims in cases where the Carnet has been misused or the goods remain in the country of temporary admission and the Carnet Holder is unable to settle charges due.

The amount of this security is dependent on various factors ie: country being visited, type of goods exported, values and duration of the trip. Your security amount and full quote for the CSS guarantee can be obtained when you apply via eCert.

Q: Why do I need a guarantee if I already have my own insurance?

The Carnet Guarantee is not insurance for the Carnet holder, or the items listed on the Carnet, but it is a security for the Chamber. This is for preventing any financial risk for us from any potential claim made by foreign customs authorities (claims would be made in the event of the Carnet not being used properly, the items being lost whilst in the country of temporary import, etc.).

Q: Can the transporter complete and pay for the Carnet whilst the Carnet Holder provide the bond (two separate payments), or they need to be paid I one go?

Yes, we can take separate payments if you want to pay the issuing fee and the security deposit separately. You will need to provide the details to the Chamber on application.

Q: What happens if I lose my carnet?

If the goods are still abroad, you should contact your Issuing Chamber and apply for a substitute Carnet. Repeat fees will apply. 

The Substitute Carnet must be validated by the National Carnet Unit before being used.

Q- I cannot select the country I need the Carnet for i.e. Ireland?

If the country, you are using the carnet for is in the EU then select European Union

If it is another country not on the list, they may not be part of the countries who accept ATA Carnets

Q – How to determine the correct number of vouchers required? ATA Carnets consists of different colour sheets, which are endorsed at different stages of the journey:

  • Yellow Export and Re-Import Vouchers are endorsed on exit and return to UK

  • White Import and Re-export Vouchers are endorsed in and out from the foreign country

  • Blue Transit Vouchers are used for passing through a Carnet country without stopping to do a commercial activity (for example passing through Switzerland en-route to Austria)

It is essential that the applicants are fully aware of what route they will be taking when travelling to their destinations in order to apply for correct number of Vouchers!

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