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16 & 17

NOV 2022

ExCeL London
Avalara Masterclass

Avalara Masterclass

Fulfilling Cross-border Customer Expectations by Overcoming Global Trade Complexities

Capturing demand is one thing; fulfilling the order is a whole other adventure – especially in today’s dynamic global regulatory environment.
Compelling order and post-order experiences complete the engagement cycle – at home and abroad.  But too often, this cycle breaks down for cross-border shoppers due to unexpected fees, tariffs and taxes that are due once an online order ends up on at an international shopper’s doorstep.
Another persistent cross-border hurdle is the high cost of international shipping and the long order delivery times. The resulting customer experience-related cross-border challenges often boil down to the tough work of making sure sought-after products comply with the latest regulations and are correctly classified for import.
Join Craig Reed, Senior Vice President of Global Trade at Avalara, the tax compliance experts, as he provides insights into how companies are improving international conversion rates by embracing automation and innovations that leverage machine learning to ease cross-border compliance-related hurdles.

Demystifying US Sales Tax for European Retailers

In a recent survey across 1,000+ UK online sellers, 64% see the USA as the biggest opportunity for eCommerce sales. As we head for Brexit, now more than ever UK sellers are looking beyond the EU to markets like the US for cross-border growth, but are being hampered by the complexities of delivery and taxes.
More than twelve new states will extend or update the requirements on remote sellers and marketplaces to tax local consumers with sales tax. This will include new tax laws for Texas.
The following seven states will implement economic nexus on 1 October 2019: Arizona, Kansas; Maryland (extending the existing law); Massachusetts; Minnesota; Tennessee; and Texas, the country’s second most populous state.
The marketplace facilitator laws require in and out-of-state marketplaces hosting online sales by remote sellers to collect sales tax on their behalf. Again, there is a registration threshold, but these can differ significantly from state-to-state.
Join Avalara’s EMEA Solutions Engineer, Jake Estes as he discusses how these impending changes will impact your business and learn how to:
• Understand the sales tax landscape following the 2018 Wayfair ruling
• Identify if you now have any sales tax obligations
• Remove the complexities of manual sales tax calculations
Jake Estes is a Solutions Engineer for Avalara, the global leader in sales tax and VAT automation. For five years Jake has helped businesses utilise Avalara’s technology to manage their US and global indirect tax compliance. Jake is a Certified US Customs Specialist through the NCBFAA and holds degrees from Washington State University (BA) and the University of Buckingham (MBA).

VAT Implications when selling cross-border

It has never been simpler to sell into new markets, but with that comes new regulatory obligations.
The EU VAT system provides a framework for how it’s Member States adopt VAT in statutory law but many of the rules are optional making it very difficult to understand your obligations when selling into a new market or launching a new product.
Establishing whether a transaction is taxable, where it’s taxable and who is liable for paying the VAT is the first challenge, but you must overcome the varying reporting requirements by country, language barriers and keeping on top of legislative updates to ensure full compliance.
Join Tom Edmonds, Regional Sales Manager at Avalara, the tax compliance experts, as he provides insights into how companies comply with the rules to reduce the risk of tax office sanction, damage to company reputation and unhappy trading partners.

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  • 11:00 - Fulfilling Cross-border Customer Expectations
  • 12:00 - US Tax Compliance Masterclass
  • 13:00 - VAT Considerations for Cross-Border Trade
  • 14:00 - US Tax Compliance Masterclass
  • 15:00 - VAT Considerations for Cross-Border Trade


  • 11:00 - Fulfilling Cross-border Customer Expectations
  • 12:00 - US Tax Compliance Masterclass
  • 13:00 - VAT Considerations for Cross-Border Trade
  • 14:00 - Fulfilling Cross-border Customer Expectations
  • 15:00 - VAT Considerations for Cross-Border Trade

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