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NOV 2020

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Help Hub for Businesses During COVID-19

About The Help Hub

Given the Coronavirus pandemic resulting in the public being advised to stay indoors and avoid contact with other people, we understand how tough these times are for everyone.

All businesses, whether small or big, national or overseas, need a whole range of services and products available to them to try and diminish the impact of COVID-19 and keep their business running. That’s why we have decided to develop a series of workshops, masterclasses, ideas, helpful links and any information that can help these businesses in this difficult time.

Together is the only way we will get through these difficult times!

Have a look below and please get in contact if you think you might be able to help them too! Email for any questions or enquiries you might have.

Sponsored Articles & Videos

What should international companies be doing to grow in China?

PTL Group’s UK Lead, Dor Barak

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The biggest issues faced by international companies in China

PTL Group’s UK Lead, Dor Barak

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What's New?

Here you can read blogs, articles and press releases packed full of invaluable information and ideas on how to keep fighting!

DISTRIBUTOR VS. FULFILLMENT AGENT: Comparing potential partners in China


Attractions of Ireland as a Location for Business

International Education & Schools Guide – New!

GTR Awards, celebrating achievements and highlighting excellence in trade finance

Our Top Tips for Going Global...

Five Reasons to Hire a Professional Translator

How CEOs Can Show Their Expertise To A Wider Audience

Trade opportunities in the European Union

Should International Traders be More Digital?

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Time to Put the Negative Brexit Mindset Behind Us

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Economic prospect of the Andean Region

3 Tips on Going Global Through Exhibiting

Exhibiting Success in the Middle East

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