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23 Nov 2023

Ranked as the second largest economy in the Middle East, the UAE has transformed itself into a prime destination for
business and investment, earning a reputation as a dynamic and thriving global business hub. In this talk, Rose Adams,
Virtuzone’s Head of Relationship Management, will deep dive into the critical factors that have established the UAE as an
economic centre that rivals Hong Kong, Singapore, New York and London and the gateway to the fast-growing MENA region. 

From its unique federation of seven emirates and highly diversified economy to its pro-business regulatory framework,
liberal trade policies and tax schemes, the UAE offers a host of benefits for start-ups, SMEs and multinational corporations.

Rose will lead the conversation on the UAE’s rapidly progressing economy and fast-paced business environment,
highlighting the country’s national policies and programs that underpin its development, top-performing non-oil and gas sectors,
corporate tax and VAT regulations, and the distinct advantages offered by its free zone and mainland jurisdictions.

As part of the leadership team of Virtuzone, the UAE’s leading corporate service provider, Rose will also delve into the new
corporate tax laws and shed light on what all companies in the UAE must do to comply with these new rules and how
CSPs like Virtuzone are easing the transition and compliance for businesses.

Rose Adams, Head of Relationship Management - VIRTUZONE