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How SMEs can unlock the global export opportunity with

22 Nov 2023
Keynote Theatre 3

In this seminar, Jack Peters will share an overview of the UK’s exporting landscape, explaining the benefits and challenges of exporting and how Alibaba works with businesses to support them to sell their goods abroad and overcome any potential obstacles.


Using insights from Alibaba’s 2023 Export Opportunity Report, the seminar will shed key insights into the UK’s exporting landscape. With the report revealing that nearly 74% of UK businesses are currently exporting, it is clear that businesses perceive exporting as a key opportunity for growth.

  • The benefits of exporting

Understand why exporting is important and unlocks business growth and other related benefits, such as employment and digitalisation skills, providing important protection for businesses. 

  • The challenges of exporting

Learn what the potential challenges of exporting could be for your business – with common obstacles ranging from supply chain, red tape and cultural barriers. Alibaba will break down these barriers to enable businesses to better understand how they can be overcome

  • How online marketplaces can help businesses to export

Hear how online marketplaces – like – can work with businesses to access the global market. Understand the top tricks and tips for getting started to sell goods abroad.

Jack Peters, Business Development Director - Alibaba Group