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How Partnering with a Finance Institution can Help Realise Businesses’ Global Ambitions

23 Nov 2023

Partnership (as opposed to merely being users of services) with a financial institution brings back the power of decision making to business owners. Entrepreneurs are give a seat at the institution’s table, are listened to, and are collaborators of how services should be designed and rendered.

Partnering with a financial institution means businesses gain new perspectives: expanding experience , expertise and knowledge. It helps bridge gaps that exists with solo-preneurs in the journey of navigating the complex infrastructure of global trading. This presents a new source of not just financial services but, more importantly, opportunities.

In this session, we explore the possibility of having a finance institution as someone on your team with you; and show you what’s necessary to build an interconnected finance ecosystem of partnerships.

Rafal Andzejevski, Founder and CEO - PayAlly