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Global teams - avoiding culture clash and achieving high performance

23 Nov 2023
Seminar Theatre 15 - Sponsored by RWS Group
Global teams are increasingly becoming the norm, thanks to tech advances and even the Pandemic driving new ways of
working. People no longer need to share the same physical space to work together, and while this presents benefits, it also
presents new challenges. In this seminar we link culture to performance, examining how people from different national
cultures working together impacts productivity and engagement. It’s a taboo subject; the elephant in the room. For
instance, for those navigating cultural gaps on a daily basis this often means dealing with false assumptions and poor
communication, which then leads to negative stereotyping and a breakdown in trust, impacting productivity and the
bottom line.
In an ever-shrinking commercial world, it’s important to understand the impact of culture on global team performance.
Why it occurs, how to avoid it altogether, and when it’s present, how to address it to optimise global team performance.
So what’s the best way to tackle culture gaps? Join us as we share examples from research we’ve carried out with Tech
teams operating across the US, EU, UK and India, programmes we’ve carried out with organisations including Tier 1 global
banks and some of the main challenges we’ve observed. Challenges that, in fact, change according to the cultural
perspective of the person or group of people we’re talking to. It’s entirely subjective.
Join us as we take a deep dive into typical clashes that occur in an East-meets-West global team dynamic as we bring to life
some of the challenges we’ve encountered. We’ll then share approaches we’ve tried – some successfully and others not so
successfully – to avoid culture clash altogether when setting up new global teams, or address culture gaps in existing global
teams. It’s not you, it’s not them. It’s culture!
Lisa Thorne, CEO & Founder - Together Global