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How Global Growth Technology Can Help You with Global Recruiting

23 Nov 2023
Seminar Theatre 16

The future of work is flexible and global. But hiring a global workforce can be complex. Prioritizing payroll compliance and accurate worker classification is crucial when hiring global workers. Specific laws and regulations governing employee compensation calculation, taxation, and reporting vary from country to country and failure to comply can present serious long-term challenges for your company. For example, worker misclassification can result in legal and financial consequences, violate labor rights and benefits, harm the company-worker relationship, and create unfair competition.

So how can businesses more efficiently and compliantly hire and manage talent across borders? Join G-P, to uncover how partnering with an employer of record (EOR) and global growth provider can provide invaluable support and expertise to help master your global hiring plans. This presentation will cover: 

·         Best practices for global growth and expansion 

·         How global growth technology can be leveraged to scale your business 

·         Removing barriers around HR, payroll and compliance when breaking into new markets 


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