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Expert Masterclass: How To Land & Expand Internationally In Record Time

22 Nov 2023
Seminar Theatre 16

Discover the ultimate expert masterclass tailored exclusively for high-growth, ambitious companies seeking rapid expansion
into new territories in record time without huge set-up costs, compliance headaches, or unnecessary business risk.

This seminar is designed to cater to a diverse audience:

  • If you find yourself at the early stages of planning international expansion and crave a clear, actionable roadmap to follow.

  • If international expansion is a crucial part of your growth plan, but you feel unsure about where to begin.

  • If you have already embarked on your global expansion journey, but are uncertain about the next steps and how to proceed.

  • If you are eager to explore a specific market but lack direction on where to initiate and which processes to implement.

  • If you have encountered obstacles during your expansion and seek the best route to resolve them.

If any of these scenarios resonate with you, then this seminar is an absolute must-attend.

International expansion is extremely difficult. There are several questions and complexities: 

  • Where and how should you set up your operations?

  • How do you kickstart the expansion process effectively?

  • When is the right time to establish a permanent presence in the new territory?

  • What are the implications of taxes during expansion?

  • When can you initiate the hiring process to support your growth?

Without the necessary experience and knowledge, trying to find a logical pathway to expansion is almost impossible.

Join us for this transformative seminar, where our experts will share their wealth of insights, proven strategies, and practical guidance.
You'll gain invaluable wisdom from professionals with over 30 years of experience and a track record of supporting more than 3000 clients worldwide.
We have put together an easy to follow guide that any business can follow themselves to undertake international expansion.
It takes you from the very start of the expansion plans, which elements need to be considered and how to proceed in a logical and effective way to make the expansion successful. 

We will go through and explain it to you, which you can then implement into your own business and your growth plans.

Learn from real-life case studies, including one of our esteemed clients who has successfully expanded into multiple countries worldwide.
Throughout the session, interactive Q&A opportunities will enable you to seek personalised advice and gain clarity on your specific expansion challenges.

Prepare to take your business to unprecedented heights by registering for this seminar.
Unlock the secrets to international expansion and secure your path to enduring success.

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity - reserve your spot now!

We look forward to seeing you there! 

Amanda Simon, Chief People Officer - Briars
Gemma Bignell, CFO - Briars