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Expanding Globally: The Importance of Ukrainian Localisation Today

23 Nov 2023
Seminar Theatre 16

The demand for Ukrainian localisation and content creation services is growing across various industries, such as software and technology, e-commerce, media, and gaming. Moreover, governmental and humanitarian organisations now recognise the need for Ukrainian translation and interpreting services.

Previously, the Russian language dominated the localisation industry in Ukraine, but the war has shifted people's perspectives on language, making Ukrainian localisation more essential and promising than ever before.

The presentation will cover the following key areas:

1. The growing Ukrainian population in the UK and EU countries and their online purchasing behaviours.

2. The evolution of the Ukrainian localisation and content creation market, current challenges and strategies to overcome them.

3. The advantages of incorporating Ukrainian content into your company's growth strategy.

4. Showcasing successful examples of Ukrainian localisation and content creation, highlighting companies that have effectively localised their products and services.

Oleg Semerikov, General Manager - Translators Family