Focus on Germany

Focus On Germany

It can be easy to forget about the economic growth within the EU given the current political climate. Despite the turbulence, there is a lot of strong business being done throughout the EU, and especially within the German market. Germany has bounced back from a first quarter lull to see positive growth within Europe’s largest economy.

With Germany currently seeing its surplus profit continue to grow, the country has looked outwards for its next wave of skilled workers. After years of incredible growth within the country, Germany has begun to see a shortage of skilled workers within its world renowned SME arena. With an internationally enviable automotive industry and a strong chemical sector as well, there is a lot of room for developments to further capitalise on the booming economy.

Currently, under the single market, Germany has been able to make a further €86 billion a year because of it according to the Bertelsmann Foundation in a report done on the 8th May, 2019. With this strength from the EU counteracting the general political discourse, it shows how strong, stable, and safe Germany has become to invest and work in. Expanding out into Germany with good skilled labor could well result in quick and effective growth thanks to the strength of the German economy.

There are a number of key factors that make Germany such a lucrative and secure region to expand and invest in. The constant growth should simmer any worries of fluctuating markets, and the holding Germany has within the single market makes it a powerful ally for any country. As such, Germany has not only a watertight market to find a sturdy platform to build off of, but also a fantastic geographical local that makes it a key ally for Austria, Poland, and the surrounding Western Europe. Germany is a fantastic market that is well worth the research and investment.

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