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Stand: G2930
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Our mission is to lower the friction and price of moving money around the world, for your business.

Sokin was born in a world of hidden costs, complicated fee structures and slow transactions. We were created to democratise access to great wholesale exchange rates, provide more payment corridors and simplify cross-border transactions.

Our promise – We will reduce the barriers for companies to move money around the world at ease and with speed, without the fear of unknown costs.

What we provide:

Transfer, hold and exchange over 100 currencies with our multi-currency IBAN and local currency accounts – all through one single system, plugged into awesome FX rates.

Come and speak to us if:

  • You have global suppliers and you need ot transact with quickly and cheaply
  • You have customers around the globe you need to accept payments from, without loosing large chunks to fees
  • You deal with and hold more than your native currency
  • You want to access wholesale exchange rates and stop being charged an arm and leg by your incumbent bank
  • Want to trade like a local business with our unique local bank accounts that don't require any local company formation
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