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O.T.C Beverages Limited

OTC Beverages is a drinks company that was incorporated in 2018. My idea for the brand was created when I attended my fathers 80th Birthday party. This was the last time I would see my father dance as he has parkinsons disease. My father worked hard and always wanted to start his own business, so when I tasted the drinks at his party, I had an epiphany. Why not create an organic, naturally flavoured ginger beer and sorrel drink that taste just like my grandmothers homemade drinks and would remind my father of his mother. I believe that would be the best 80th Birthday present. That year I started my journey on researching a bottling company and what it meant to go into manufacturing. This was a real eye opener for me as I come from a Finance & Banking background, so it was a real baptism of fire. I met with the bottling company and was encouraged by Lee the owner to pursue my journey. The bottling company have been very supportive. I thoroughly enjoyed working in the lab creating the recipes. I learnt about MOQ, trademarks, bottle design, sleeving, printing, wbesite creation, bottle caps, rightweight bottles, labelling, etc, etc. Lots of moving parts. I've attended may exhibitions, ran taster sessions for portential clients, speaking restaurants, videos, radio interviews....its been great and I have enjoyed the journey so far. I will continue as I believe in my brand and its quality and appeal to all. We have created a tag which we feel represents the brand which is #enjoythetaste. #refreshing is another I plan to use.
All of our product is recyclable, which I am proud of. We are also working with the Leagacy Onside Youth Zone to support young people in the local area and to outline the opportunities/challenges there are when starting a new business.
Our Brand is exciting, new, and the taste is different along with appealing to all. I have yet to find an organic naturally flavoured sparkling sorrel drink on the market. Lastly, we are working with the Jamaican Farmers Copoerative to source the sorrel initially, then the ginger from local farmers who grow sustainalbe product.
Both Sorrel and Ginger are good for you. They are both cleasing and good for the gut. We do use Organic Cane Sugar in our product. This has not been as much an issue as I thought it would be considering the focus on sugar consumption.
I really hope you like my product packaging, design and most importantly the taste of OTC Beverages. Please pop by our stand and say hello. Would be great to see you #otcbeverages.

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