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There is no shortage of business opportunities in Europe! For further business development, set up in Europe and locate in France with ready access to the richest market in Europe. Invest in Northern France to optimize your business set up and let Nord France Invest be your best partner.


More and more international businesses are choosing to invest in Europe to boost their business. Western Europe offers a market place that is packed, rich and stable, in other words ideal for developing business growth. Locating to Northern France is the best solution for doing business in Europe. Setting up a subsidiary in Northern France will boost sales and diversify your client base.

IBM, Toyota, Canon, 3M, Coca-Cola, KTM, Caterpillar, Ma Steel, Kubota, McCain, Bombardier, DHL, GSK and over 1850 other international companies chose Northern France to set up their European business and they don`t regret it.
Nord France Invest is the perfect partner to set up business in Northern France

You`ve made the decision to set up in Northern France and you deserve customized support to make the most of your installation in Lille and its surrounding region. Nord France Invest is the economic development agency that takes care of you. We conduct an in-depth reading of your technical specifications and offer solutions that meet your needs and solve your problems. We simplify your company`s set-up and handle the project`s operational details. We imbed your company in the local economic environment so you connect with the right partners. Nord France Invest simplifies your set up at every step of the project. And we will work with you long-term to guarantee successful installation in Northern france. So don`t hesitate to contact us for your investment project in Northern France.

Nord France Invest is the investment promotion agency for Hauts-de-France, a non-profit organization aiming at attracting foreign direct investments in the region. The agency is supported by the Regional Council of Hauts-de-France and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Hauts-de-France in order to promote the region abroad as a first choice region to set up in Europe and assist foreign companies in their settlement process : sites and premises selection, partnering, financial public support, etc.. Nord France Invest services are free of charge and fully confidential. Hauts-de-France is your gateway to Europe`s most successful economies. Located in the heart of the London-Paris-Brussels triangle, our region lies within 300 kilometers of 78 million consumers with combined purchasing power of €1,500 billion. But above all, Hauts-de-France is a great place to do business—a place you can count on. The figures speak for themselves: 85% of foreign-owned companies based in our region would encourage other businesses to set up a subsidiary here (source: KPMG). Hauts-de-Francee is France's third largest region for foreign investment, with more than 2,040 foreign-owned companies already doing business here. Representing over 30 nationalities in all, they cover a diverse range of sectors—the rail and automotive industries, logistics, green business, bio-tech, client relations and digital technology.

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