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HS CONNECTOR - b2b matchmaking app

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HS Connector is a B2B matchmaking application built on the foundation of 12 years of experience in organizing B2B meetings for companies participating in international exhibitions all over the world.

Trade shows offer an excellent opportunity for business growth. The challenge arises from the overwhelming number of opportunities available within a limited timeframe, making it easy to miss out on potential valuable connections. With 5,000 exhibitors and 50,000 visitors, identifying the best business opportunities can be quite daunting.

Here's where HS Connector steps in: Using AI, it swiftly identifies your best-matched clients within minutes by analyzing thousands of registered companies at the event. It not only helps you organize and schedule meetings efficiently but also provides insights into the areas for negotiation and highlights any disparities between your business proposal and the expectations of your potential business partners.

By using HS Connector during the event, your trade show experiences will be elevated to a whole new level. Say goodbye to missed opportunities and welcome a more streamlined and fruitful networking experience.

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