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PEO Legal specialises in legal and compliance services related to international expansion and employment. With expertise in over 50 countries, PEO Legal aims to simplify the complex process of setting up a company, hiring and managing workers across borders.

Services Offered:

Company Formation:

  • Guidance and support in establishing a company abroad, ensuring that all legal and compliance requirements are met.


  • Overview of a country's employment, tax, and immigration laws.
  • Assistance in finding solutions that meet legal requirements in different countries.
  • Contract creation and advice on immigration procedures.

During Employment:

  • Legal advice on various employment and contractual issues.
  • Support for modifying contracts.
  • Updates on new employment laws and regulations.

Ending Employment:

  • Expert advice on terminating employment contracts.
  • Consultation on matters of redundancy and dismissal, as well as potential legal claims.

International Worker Classification:

  • Detailed assessments to classify the employment status of international contractors.
  • Compliance checks on contractors.

GDPR Compliance:

  • Assistance in developing and updating data protection policies and procedures.
  • Legal bases for processing personal data and drafting data processing agreements.
  • Review of data breaches and advice on reporting requirements.
  • International transfers
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