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Welcome To Briars

For over 30 years, we have been supporting our clients with their international expansion strategies. We provide a complete range of professional services to organisations that want to expand their business to a different country or countries in most cases – land and expand services.

Over the 3 decades, we have gained in-depth knowledge and experiences that is unmatched in our market. We have helped over 3000 clients expand their business safely and securely with solutions spanning over 100 different countries.

Our unwavering commitment to compliance is the cornerstone of our approach. Whether it be rectifying unexpected challenges or integrating overseas acquisitions, our seasoned experts are dedicated to offering steadfast support both strategically and within day-to-day operations.

We offer a seamless, tailor-made solution to fit your needs, empowering global success by allowing you to focus on your business growth, while we keep you safe and compliant.


Our Products

Briars is broken down into 3 divisions:

1. Corporate Services 

  • International Accounting and Tax
  • International Banking
  • International Payments
  • International Treasury Management
  • International Corporate Compliance
  • Interim Financial Director Solutions 

2. People Services

  • Global HR Compliance and Employment Legislation Advice
  • Business Partnering/Consultancy
  • Global Compensations and Benefits
  • International Talent Management
  • Global Mobility and Immigration
  • Global Payroll Consultancy and Services
  • Interim Human Resources Director Services

3. Workforce Services

  • Accounting, Tax and Bookkeeping
  • Legal Services
  • Pensions, Mortgages and Insurance
  • Employee and Worker Benefits
  • Employment Status Test
  • Banking and Currency
  • Training and Development
  • Clothing and Equipment

We are the only provider that offers this tri-party approach.

It allows us to be the perfect expansion partner wherever your journey may take you, we can change and adapt as you do.


Our Clients

In a world where remote and flexible working has redefined the boundaries of business, international expansion now forms a part of every business’s strategy.

Whether you are a dynamic start-up, an established corporation, a non-profit organisation, or a visionary entrepreneur, the global landscape offers boundless opportunities waiting to be explored.

In this era of connectivity and adaptability, we are here to empower you with the expertise and resources needed to transcend borders, tap into new markets, and harness the full potential of the global economy, irrespective of your industry or business scale.

Join us in unlocking the limitless possibilities of international expansion and allow us to empower your global success.


Value Proposition

Why have so many clients trusted us to be their international expansion partner?

We are an extension of your leadership and operational teams across finance, HR, legal, compliance and operations, providing in-depth knowledge and experience that your business will need to safely grow globally.


1. Risk Management: 

Why expand globally?

  • The global economy is a $95 trillion dollar marketplace
  • The US alone exported $231 billion in services to Europe
  • 19% of all UK businesses now trade abroad

Global expansion is becoming more and more commonplace as technology and attitudes to a flexible workforce change.

However, to enter this global market place you have to have the same attitude to compliance, risk and responsibility as you do in your originating country.

and that’s what we do for you!

We provide a flexible solution to your business, ensuring your statutory, tax, banking, employment and payroll responsibilities are dealt with compliantly in an easy-to-understand and cost-effective manner – in any country you want to expand to!

By doing this - you don’t have to hire permanent costly legal, HR and finance resources to manage this yourself.


2. Time Efficiency: 

As we deal with the statutory and legal administration, all the red tape, and the overhead of creating the foundation for your business growth.

This allows you to think about your cost base and therefore time differently.

We allow our clients to pivot their cost base and time towards growing their business. Rather than be saddled with the additional costs and worry of expanding globally.

We provide all the knowledge and experience, deliver proactive advice to enhance your growth plans and act as a flexible extension to your business.

This allows you to spend more time and money on your growth plans not the administration – which is hardly ever the case when businesses expand globally.


3. Partnership:

We want to develop long-standing, deep-rooted partnerships with our clients.

We are:

An extension to your business, your technical experts, your accountants, your IN country Finance or HR director, as well as an outsourced processing centre.

We build our services and solutions around your business processes allowing you to take on this international expansion journey.

We grow and develop as you do, keeping you safe and secure knowing the knowledge of the 3000 businesses that went before you is available to you, whenever you need it.


Our Packages

We have used all of this expertise to create tiers of services and packages of support based on your business size:

  • Entrepreneur
  • SME
  • Corporate

Given any business, anywhere is capable of expanding internationally (with our support), we also offer the ability to completely tailor a service package to suit your needs.

Most of our clients start with a standard offering and as we get to work as an extension of your service offering, we tailor the solution together.

So whether you are doing this is the first time or an experienced corporate, our products and services mould to suit you.

Let us guide you on your greatest adventures.

The Briars Team

Your International Expansion Partner

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