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For over 30 years, we have been supporting our clients with their international expansion strategies. Our unwavering commitment to compliance is the cornerstone of our approach. Whether it be rectifying unexpected challenges or integrating overseas acquisitions, our seasoned experts are dedicated to offering steadfast support both strategically and within day-to-day operations.

We offer a seamless, tailor-made solution to fit your needs, empowering global success by allowing you to focus on
your business growth, while we keep you safe and compliant.

Our Goal:
To be undeniably the number one provider of international business expansion-services: Empowering global

Our Clients:
In a world where remote and flexible working has redefined the boundaries of business, international expansion now forms a part of every business’s strategy.

Whether you are a dynamic startup, an established corporation, a non-profit organisation, or a visionary entrepreneur, the global landscape offers boundless opportunities waiting to be explored.

In this era of connectivity and adaptability, we are here to empower you with the expertise and resources needed to transcend borders, tap into new markets, and harness the full potential of the global economy, irrespective of your industry or business scale.

Join us in unlocking the limitless possibilities of international expansion and allow us to empower your global

Our Capabilities:
Briars operates on a truly global scale. With networks and resources spanning across continents, we are positioned to assist clients in any region they choose for expansion.

Our expertise ensures that no region is beyond reach, and we are adept at navigating the complexities of international business. Our knowledgeable team is ready tosupport your growth aspirations wherever your journey takes you.

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