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Braahmam International Limited

  • | Globalisation/Localisation
  • | Language & Translation Services

For over 23 years now, we have translated and localized the products and services of leading global brands in 100+ languages.

What have we learned from our experience?

  • Quality is not a differentiator, it's a prerequisite. And it helps to know that we go even further.
  • Listening is as important as speaking: We work closely with clients to understand your requirements, listen to your feedback, and deliver to your expectations.
  • Technology is at the centre of what we do: We have partnered with leading language tech providers to automate complex processes, reducing the time to market.
  • Project management is at the core of every translation project. We ensure all your projects are planned and executed well. Our clients can relax after giving projects to us, knowing they will receive an accurate and timely delivery.

What differentiates us from others?

  • We respond to our client's requests within 2 working hours
  • We are an ISO 17100:2015 certified company with a customer satisfaction rating above 99.5% for the three years running
  • We give a 3 month warranty to our clients. If they are unsatisfied with any unambiguous errors, we fix them quickly and for free
  • We promise a custom quote within 24 hours PLUS a no-obligation test in any one language of your choice
  • We have over 250 loyal clients worldwide in industries ranging from Media and Advertising, Software and eCommerce to Finance, Legal and Medical.

How can we help you?

  1. Website translation
  2. Mobile App translation
  3. Software localisation
  4. Audio and Video translation, including transcription, subtitling, dubbing and voice-over
  5. eLearning translation
  6. Transcreation
  7. Machine translation (MT) and MT post-editing
  8. Multilingual desktop publishing
  9. Internationalization services
  10. Data collection for AI systems

We provide global coverage to our clients from our offices in Ireland, United States and India, and additional locations in the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Brazil, so we're ready to serve you any time of the day, wherever you are.

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