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Trade Facilitation. Made easy.

Ahlers Trade Facilitation gives you the benefits and opportunities of having your own legal entity in Russia, without having one. You can use the Ahlers` trading platform to orchestrate your route-to-market and outsource anything from transportation, import, and customs clearance, to order-2-cash operations and local distribution.

On top of that, through Ahlers` shared services set-up, you have access to the needed legal, IT, accountancy, and HR capabilities, needed to manage your business and local operations in Russia, CIS countries, and Ukraine. Ahlers offers a true, proven, one-stop-shopping solution, tested since 2015 in Russia and CIS, facilitating your business operations, so that you can focus on what you do best: sell your product.

• How does it work? Ahlers acts as your trading partner, who takes the responsibility to manage the import and total supply chain efficiently and transparently. On top of that, we use our trading platform to perform both commercial- and warranty transactions strictly on your behalf. At the same time, you are responsible to define and execute your commercial strategy, meaning you are always in complete control of the entire transaction.

• When to use it? Any company that wants to sell or do business with Russian companies can use it. Whether you have a legal entity and want to expand your business in Russia and CIS, or don`t have a legal entity and work with distributors, we can make you a functional tailored solution that brings your business incredible value.

The model has proven to be most valuable for companies, wanting to keep full transparency, and control of their entire route to market, driving the end customer relationship, hence accelerating sales in Russia and CIS, without the burden of having to manage their own legal entity at all.

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