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Lingvo House Translation Localisation Stand: G3224
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Localisation Localisation

What is localisation?

Localisation is the process of adapting product text into the target market's language.

Cultural Adaptation: Tailoring content to reflect local customs, holidays, humour, and idioms.

Formatting & Design: Modifying content layout to ensure readability and visual appeal.

Local Regulations & Compliance: Adhering to the legal standards and regulatory requirements of the target locale.

Adapting to Local Preferences: Customising features and user interface to align with local tastes and usage patterns.

Testing & Quality Assurance: Conducting thorough testing to validate the localised product’s functionality and cultural appropriateness.

Continuous Updates & Maintenance: Regularly updating and maintaining content to stay relevant and accurate within the target market.


Localisation Solutions for Businesses:

  • Website and app
  • Product data, pricing, and checkout
  • Chatbot & help center
  • Meta data
  • Foreign language keyword research
  • Ad campaign
  • Video and audio content
  • Social Media



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