2. Stands Health and Safety Information

You have booked a  stand. Please see the information under the  heading.

Schell Schemes

Shell Scheme Stands come with and a fascia nameboard included in the package.

PLEASE NOTE – Any additional extras such as electrics, internet and furniture are the responsibility of the exhibitor and carry additional charges. 

Shell Scheme Stands are also required to complete and return the Compulsory Shell Scheme Construction form to your Account Manager no later than 21 days before the show opens. Please complete the Compulsory Shell Scheme Construction form .

When planning how to set up your shell scheme stand please ensure that all items are contained within the space and do not encroach into the gangways.

If you plan to change to anything mentioned in the Shell Scheme Construction Form then you will need to make your Business Show Media representative aware and our health and safety team. You will then need to complete a Freebuild Information Sheet.

Space Only and Freebuild Stands

Please note if you have booked a Shell Scheme stand, the below info is not relevant.

Space Only Stands include floor space ONLY. Carpet or other flooring is not included. Any additional extras such as electrics, internet and furniture are the responsibility of the exhibitor and carry additional charges. 

Please make sure you have completed and returned the Space Only Contractors Stand Submission form to Mitch Milk / mitch.wilk@dimeevents.com no later than 21 days before the show opens.

All contractors and exhibitors are required to provide the following information:

•  The Space Only Stand Check Sheet in the first instance
•  CDM Project Safety File, which must contain, but is not limited to:-
 1: Full technical stand plans, incorporating all dimensions, elevations and weight loadings. Please note that all height dimensions MUST include the floor platform.
 2: Stand visuals where possible.
 3: Non-generic risk assessment.
 4: Non-generic method statement.
 5: Copy of your Public Liability Insurance, in date at the time of the event.
 6: Your Companies’ Health & Safety Policy Document and Statement.
 7: Any other relevant information regarding any aspect of the design/construction phases.

We are here to help, and whilst stringent venue and H&S regulations and legislation must be followed, we will do our best to assist with any queries you may have. Please just ask.

Health & Safety Helpline 01799 551950

Please direct all information and documentation, queries and questions to:
Mitch Wilk - mitch.wilk@dimeevents.com - do NOT send to the Organisers in the first instance.
All documents should be sent electronically. We no longer accept Fax or postal submissions.


The build for space only stands will commence at the time stated in section 3 below. Contractors should satisfy themselves that the positioning of the stand area is correct and, if necessary, conduct a site visit well in advance of the event. Any queries should be referred to the organisers as soon as possible before commencing construction.

Times are subject to change – please ensure any timings given as directed by Dime Events or Business Show Media are adhered to.

Exhibitors and contractors’ attention are drawn to the tenancy build up and break downtimes, which are NOT flexible. All parties are required to ensure that all stands, regardless of design, can be completed within those times. You should therefore ensure that enough crew are allocated to the construction and dismantling, so as not to compromise safety or the European Working Time Directive.