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SCALE NOW! Entering the U.S. Market and Gaining Traction Fast

13 Nov 2024
Seminar Theatre 15 - Sponsored by RWS Group

You have pressure to grow. The U.S. is a big market. There are so many go-to-market options. You need to gain traction quickly and have fast sustained growth. Who are the early adopters? Which events will be the most productive and how should we participate? What are the most effective value propositions and call-to-action for your target? Who are your main competitors? How do we differentiate from the competition?

Does this sound familiar? These are just some of the issues and questions that we hear from companies who are looking to penetrate the U.S. market.

Join us for SCALE NOW, where we’ll share specific strategies that will significantly improve your ability to gain traction quickly and sustain growth as you enter the U.S. market.

Workshop Outline

  • Setting the table

  • Common challenges

  • High-leverage strategies for your success

  • Your questions


Entering any new market comes with a variety of opportunities and challenges for growth companies. The U.S. market can be exceptionally attractive and overwhelming all at the same time. The number of marketing opportunities and channels in the U.S. is far more than in any other country.


All too often, companies entering the U.S. waste all of their precious time and capital on low-yield options. These companies do not generate the necessary traction and ultimately make an unceremonious market exit. To gain fast traction and reliable growth in the U.S., entering companies need exceptional strategy and execution.


Bill Kenney - MEET