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Breaking Barriers: Smart Translation Strategies for Cost-Effective Global Growth

13 Nov 2024
Seminar Theatre 15 - Sponsored by RWS Group

In today's globalized world, successful international expansion goes beyond mere translation; it involves crafting nuanced strategies that foster trust across different cultures. This talk delves deeper into understanding how establishing trust is foundational in cross-border commerce, highlighting that comprehension and authenticity play critical roles alongside accurate translations. We will explore a customized combination of linguistic services tailored to your business's specific internationalization phase and content demands. This includes sophisticated approaches like post-editing of machine translations, comprehensive localization efforts, and strategic SEO translation services. By presenting practical examples, we aim to show how these integrated linguistic strategies not only enhance communication but also significantly contribute to achieving business success in global markets. This approach ensures that your message resonates well with international audiences, building a strong, reliable brand image across borders.

Oscar Nogueras, CEO - Ontranslation