Working in Europe: Do Brits need a visa?

16 Nov 2022

Smith Stone Walters is an immigration practice with offices in London, New York, Mumbai and Hong Kong. We assist individuals and organisations in navigating immigration systems across the globe; preparing visa applications and ensuring compliance from the top down.


In this session, Alastair Mason covers the key points about the different routes open to British nationals who wish to work in Europe, whether it be frequent business trips or long-term employment. We examine the nuances of when a visit or business trip becomes ‘work’ and the implications this can have on an individual and a business.


In particular, we look at the 90-day rule, how it operates, how it is enforced and the importance of taking it into consideration for both personal and business travel. We also examine how the 90-day rules interact with Schengen visas and whether they apply to British nationals.


We will briefly consider the EU Blue Card and the ICT Permit and whether either of these options are the Pan-European visa they often appear to be.

Alastair Mason, Senior Associate - Smith Stone Walters Ltd