Tony Leach

Horizon International Cargo

As Supply Chain Product Manager for Horizon International Cargo, Tony can help you understand industry best practice for developing an efficient and effective supply chain across your business. An experienced supply chain professional, with a strong combination of strategic thinking, analytical skills and programme management, together with operational experience and focus on making change happen.

His experience and passion lie in supporting Executives to positively transform their companies, successfully trade globally, create effective international sales initiatives that maximise profitable growth while mitigating risk.

Tony has given lectures and seminars on various business, supply chain and financial topics in Europe, Asia, and the USA. Through solutions with global clients developed and implemented supply chain models that have delivered tangible benefits and won national awards.

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Export Masterclass – Trading Globally Best Practice

Trading overseas can substantially improve your company’s profile, credibility, and profit channels. However, there are many downsides for those who do not export without proper planning and due diligence. When you’re working hard to make your business successful, you need to know that every decision you make is the right one for you, your business and the future of your company. The structured proven way to building exports, as outlined in this seminar, will serve as a guide for businesses on the exporting path. It is intended for companies that want to successfully maximize exporting opportunities and give busy executives the knowledge to successfully navigate global trade.